Personal Testimonials

I’ve worked closely with Troy Clark since February, 2010, and I don’t hesitate for a moment in giving him the highest recommendation possible.

Troy has provided state-of-the-art marketing and website optimization for our business, Sylvan Dale Ranch, and has moved me light-years ahead on my personal blog and book sale efforts. (See

Troy brought our website at Sylvan Dale Ranch up to modern standards and stayed ahead of the curve on every technical change and cutting edge development that the virtual world has to offer. He is a master at creating buzz on social media. He works fast, has plenty of energy, and somehow stays at it the tasks he takes on for long hours on the computer.

Troy is also an excellent writer, and is enthusiastic about writing and books. He has a great editor’s eye, and catches glitches before they go online.

Not least, Troy is both very personable and very professional. He is discrete, well-liked by everyone, owners and staff alike, and admired for the fine job he does and for his excellent work ethic. He is considered a good team player.

— David Jessup, Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch

Troy was one of four temporary employees hired to take over part of our staff’s responsibilities so I could free them up to help on another project. From the very start, Troy proved to be a self-starter and a quick learner. He was exposed to a whole new world of acronyms and cryptic language – something which has proven over the years to be intimidating to many.

Troy was not intimidated and dug in to learn this new area. In the process, he demonstrated not only that he is a quick learner but also that he has leadership qualities as he was quickly pitching in and helping his teammates.

Troy’s work has been consistently of high quality. He has good communication skills and fits in well with his fellow teammates. He established himself as someone my team trusted and enjoyed working with. I highly recommend Troy. He is professional, excellent with computers and I’m confident would be a valuable employee to your organization.

— Bruce Schiefelbein, TDS Telecom

Troy Clark was employed by TDS Telecom for a 6 month contract. Under my direct supervision, Troy exceeded all key performance measures. Troy exhibits a high standard of excellent work ethics. While employed with TDS Troy improved several processes which lead to substantial time and cost savings to my department. I highly recommend Troy for any position with your organization.

— Tracy Fisher, TDS Telecom

Troy worked as a temporary employee in the Access Service Center for one year. We hired 4 temps to help log and process our daily ASRs and RBOC Orders during an extremely busy period when the senior administrators were needed on a higher level project. Troy was a quick learner, eager to learn new processes, and a very valuable asset to our team.

I supervised Troy for the last 5-6 months of his term and would highly recommend him. He was a very dedicated employee.

— Ann Raby, TDS Telecom

In my time working with Troy I found him to be a self motivated individual with a “can do” attitude. Troy took the time to listen to our customers and develop unique solutions to help solve their problems. I found him to be a person of integrity who had our customer’s best interests at heart.

— Kane Roy, Lanier Worldwide

Troy did a great job of building our website. The graphics and design are professional looking, along with the layout being functional and easy to follow. Troy also worked on our media team and was instrumental helping us develop a media system that efficiently combines the use of computer, monitors, sound system, and a network. I highly recommend Troy, he is not only innovative but he is also a pleasure to work with.

— Bo Thompson

Troy’s in-depth knowledge and training enabled our sales team to more effectively close sales. Troy was a pleasure to work with and would be a welcome addition to any company.

— Vivian Wang, Finzer Imaging Systems

Troy and I met at a Toastmasters meeting. He was always an asset to the meeting, and contributed many great ideas. He was always enthusiastic and passionate about his career.

— Brian G.

I discovered Troy to be a remarkably capable individual on many different levels. He served in a variety of leadership positions within our church – most notably supervising and operating our computer driven, video support system. In other instances where he was called upon, he always took his responsibilities seriously – often doing more than he was asked, in order to make sure the job was done well.

I also know Troy to be a person of high moral character, and integrity. All here who knew Troy well, had (and still has) great admiration for him. Troy showed himself to be a very likable person, that made others to want to be in his presence. Therefore, I am pleased to give Troy Clark my highest recommendation for employment in any field he seeks.

— Sonny Kirkendall, Christ Connection Church

Troy was very knowledgeable and patient working with a person who had no concept of what was possible and yet had very specific ideas of what they wanted. Troy put together a program that exceeded my expectations and my imagination. WELL DONE!

— Sue Ross, His Way Glass

Troy designed a web site for my church, in which he exceeded all my expectations. The web site was designed exactly the way I wanted it. I would recommend Troy Clark to anyone that needs a professional in web design or related fields.

— Tim Geer

Troy Clark was helpful and informative, making my sales cycle shorter and more effective. He has forgotten more than I will ever know about networks and interfaces.”

— Jeff Kendall, Finzer Imaging Systems

Troy was very technical and knew the products well. Works hard and is a good communicator.

— Wendy Larson, Finzer Imaging Systems

Troy was a great asset to our team at HP. We worked the night shift, which is when system administrators of large companies would bring their servers down. Troy had to know how to troubleshoot, fix and bring whole systems back up. Troy worked with tight time restraints and could not make a misstep. Troy’s thorough knowledge of entire system, from the PC to the server and all the networking and routing equipment, was a great part of why our team was so successful. I would recommend Troy to any employer.

— Mike Edwards, Hewlett Packard

It was a real pleasure working with Troy. During the time I was just starting out in the storage industry, and he was always happy to teach me what he knew relating to the HDD technology, and helped me out even though it was not part of his job.

— Jin H., Maxtor